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It’s a wrap! Filming for BBC World News

February 20, 2016  

Huge news. Today we finished filming with the British Broadcasting Company for an exclusive feature to be aired globally on BBC World News on the hottest new beauty trend to hit Asia.

When we first started Tan@Home over six years ago, the majority of our clients were typically expatriates living in Singapore or tourists who were attuned to the popularity of sunless tanning across America, UK and Australia etc. Over the past few years, we have seen a phenomenal growth in the number of Asian clients whose attitudes are changing from the desire to be fair towards being able to mix and match their skin tone and shade with a non-permanent spray tan for that sun-kissed glow.

Traditionally, aversion to the sun has been so intense in Asia that the skin whitening and lightening industry is estimated to be valued at 20 billion by the end of 2018 according to industry analysts. For generations in Asia, tanned skin has been frowned upon as it was associated with working outdoors in the fields. Unscrupulous cosmetic companies in Asia continue to use distasteful and racist marketing slogans of “You need to be white to win” in order to boost sales of whitening products and portray fair skin as a sign of class and wealth.

However, attitudes are changing as the younger generation seek prestige and glamour in tanned skin spurned on by the digital age of social media and the popularity of well tanned celebrities and westerners. Not only to look like they just stepped off the beaches of Koh Samui, but also to even out their complexion with a light dusting of a spray tan to give a natural, healthy glow that makes them look thinner and feel more attractive.

With this trend starting to skyrocket and my belief that beauty is not measured by color, it led me on my quest to develop Asia’s first ever professional tanning solution specifically formulated for the diversity of Asian skin tones and it's climate. By demand from our clients and after years of research and trial and error, we proudly launched ASIAN BLEND by GLOWTANIX - Made in Australia and Enhanced for Asia. Today the majority of our clients are Asians who are challenging stereotypes and love this product to achieve that perfect glamour and glow to suit any mood, event or season whenever they want.

And that’s why the BBC came calling. Now in Asia - TANNED SKIN IS IN.

A massive thank you to our special clients Edwin, Wendy and Shanthi who agreed to be filmed. And to the BBC for getting spray tanning in Asia out there... not just locally but globally! It was a super fab day and we can’t wait to see it when it airs.

You can check out our ASIAN BLEND shades in our TAN MENU

UPDATE: Our feature has now aired and you can view it here: Watch us on BBC - Beyond the Pale in Asia


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