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Tan@Home The New Paper


When the popular NEW PAPER wanted to do a feature on the hottest mobile services in Singapore and choose us as their main feature… we were obviously thrilled! A special thanks to the amazing Edwin Aw and Alexandra Zahra for being our supermodels to show off their gorgeous glowing tans! Here is the feature:

THEY GET TANNED INDOORS: Mobile business set up shop at client’s homes for their convenience.

She figured there was still room for a spray tan business in sunny Singapore. Trained and qualified as tanning technician in London, Ms. Margaret Treanor, a Singapore permanent resident, quit her teaching job and launched an island wide mobile spray tanning service.

Tan@Home was started in December 2010, and it allows clients to get a non-permanent spray tan under 30 minutes by a qualified tan technician in their homes and offices. The service, which take place in portable pop-up tanning pods start at $70. When Tan@Home first started, expatriates from the United States, Europe, and Australia made up 80 per of the customer base. The rest were Singaporeans.

Ms. Treanor says of her local clientele: “It is sunshine all year round here, and it is a long held tradition in Asia that fairer skin is preferable as a sign of wealth, class and beauty.” But she adds that there has been a shift in attitudes as the younger generation, spurred on by celebrities with bronzed skin, now covet tanned skin. And as people became more health conscious and educated on the risk of skin damage from ultraviolet rays, she realized there was a gap in the market for a safer alternative to attain a tan. Ms. Treanor says: “It is no secret that a light dusting of a spray tan gives a natural, healthy glow that is completely safe.”


Today, Asians make up more than 70 per cent of her regular clientele. She says she received about 10 new bookings or inquiries a day and has 30 clients getting a spray tan on a weekly basis. “Time is precious, and many of my clients are very busy people, either with careers or with their kids.” She says. She adds that having a spray tan at home also helps in other ways. “It is important to remain cool for two hours while the tan develops, which is much easier to do at with Singapore’s harsh climate.”

Mr. Edwin Aw, 30, a personal trainer, is a regular customer. “I look forward to getting a nice tan under 30 minutes, rather than spending two to three hours under the sun, exposing myself to harmful ultraviolet rays” he says.

Reports by Boey Lye Weng

Tan@Home The New Paper

Tan@Home The New Paper

Tan@Home The New Paper


We’ve solved the spray tan sweat streak problem.. and the smell!

Here in Singapore, with our relentless humidity and heat, sweat is inevitable! After a fresh spray tan application, that sweat can cause some huge problems.  Just ask Christina Aguilera who made headlines for her ghastly on stage streaky legs!  Red-faced, she revealed it was due to her sweat induced fake tan.

To combat this, one of the most common questions I get asked is “can I leave on my deodorant or antiperspirants on during my tan”. Absolutely not unless you want Shrek Green armpits! The aluminum in some deodorants can react with the DHA turning it green and it can take days to wash off. That is why spray tanning professionals have been using Talcum Powder for many years to dust down there clients after their tanning session to absorb sweat and aid the drying process.

But have you heard the news? Johnson & Johnson have been ordered to pay $72 million in damages for cancer linked to Talcum Powder.

At Tan@Home, our philosophy is a simple one. We will not stop experimenting and innovating to strive to give our clients the perfect safe healthy glow. When we heard the buzz many years ago that Talcum Powder may cause cancer, we set about experimenting with our own formula to solve this problem. Why just stop at avoiding cancer and reducing sweat? There is a third problem that desperately needed to be solved … the dreaded after tan smell of DHA that can leak from your pores that is a dead give-away that you are faking it!

We have finally solved these problem and are pleased to launch the all new luxurious and silky GLOWTANIX FINISHING POWDER.

Smell as good as you look and feel, with a subtle scent of coconut and cacao when this tinted powder is applied immediately following a spray tan application. Whilst our base ingredients and odor neutralizing powder formula is proprietary, we can say that it is hand-mulled together with the finest rich and natural minerals sourced from deep beneath the mountains of Morocco together with French Sea Clay. These untreated and naturally sourced minerals are then infused with organic essential oils. This is no ordinary body powder! These ingredients are usually reserved for cosmetologists and high-end luxury spa’s.

The luxurious blend has a silk-like feel that will nourish and even skin tones whilst preventing sweating and streaking. Most importantly, most body powders will interact negatively with the active ingredient of DHA in spray tanning formulas. After extensive testing on our most trusted clients, our unique blend is proven to not only stop sweat streaking but actually enhance the development of the final result. To gently absorb sweat and odor, after tanning and air-drying, our technician will brush a light dusting of this gorgeous silky powder in those areas that are often sticky and sweating (especially behind the knees, inside elbows, under arms and feet).

Once your tan has been washed off within a few hours and left to develop over the next 24 hours, moisturizing is absolutely key to extend the life of your tan. To reduce any residual odor of the DHA, apply a very light veil of the finishing powder before dressing. The delicious subtle hint of coconut and cacao blended with our odor neutralizing base ingredients with continue to reduce sweating and no-one will know you are faking it!

We GUARANTEE our formula is Talc free with 100% natural and organic ingredients that is lovingly hand-mulled to perfection. Our clients only deserve the best.  GLOWTANIX FINISHING POWDER is available now in our online shop.

As always a massive thank you to our special clients who allow us to experiment with you to create GLOWTANIX.




We know we have been a little quiet lately.  And that’s because we mean business.

We are super excited to launch our own collection of Professional Spray Tan Solutions and Self-Tanning products.  GLOWTANIX – Made in Australia – Enhanced for Asia.

Working with cosmetic chemists, GLOWTANIX was designed, formulated and produced in Australia to our exacting high standards.  We use only the finest quality raw materials.  Our raw DHA (the main active ingredient) is the highest grade available and sourced from France.   Infused with Organic Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and enriched with Vitamins E to hydrate and nourish the skin.  Our unique blend of enhanced bronzers ensures a natural tan by adapting to the individuals true undertones to create a perfect streak-free long lasting glow.  Free from the harmful chemicals Paraben and PEG and cruelty free not being tested on animals.


Tan@Home was the very first spray tanning business in Singapore over 6 years ago. People laughed at me when I wanted to quit my job and dedicate myself to launching spray tanning in Asia.  I was fanatical about changing the long held traditions that in Asia white skin is preferable as a sign of wealth, class and beauty.  Starting from a few home visits, the service has evolved to covering clients island-wide in their home, office or hotel as well as providing an exclusive service to The British and American Clubs, consulting to luxury spa’s and featuring on BBC World News.

Over the years, I became frustrated that having tested most of the existing products on the market (typically from the USA, Europe or Australia), they simply do not completely suit the diversity of skin tones in Asia or our harsh hot and humid climate.

We have seen a phenomenal growth in the number of Asian clients whose attitudes are changing from the desire to be fair towards being able to mix and match their skin tone and shade with a non-permanent spray tan for that sun-kissed glow.  But we know that no two humans are alike.  Each of our underlying base tones are just as unique as our DNA or our fingerprints.  Likewise, our hot climate is unique with its harsh humidity averaging at 84% all year round.  Existing products either produced an orange tone, looked unnatural or faded too quickly and unevenly in our climate.

I became fanatical to achieve my ultimate goal.  To develop and produce the very first range of professional tanning products that solved both of these problems.   After years of trial and error, we are proud to launch GLOWTANIX.  Now available for our Island-wide mobile spray tanning service or to purchase self-tanning products and accessories from our online store.


LIGHT, MEDIUM, DARK.  We’ve kept it simple so that our clients can easily choose the most suitable solution or product to achieve the perfect shade to suit every mood, occasion or season with the perfect glow.


Professional Spray Tanning Solutions

2 Hour Rapid Formula that is non-sticky, quick-drying and can be washed off after 2 hours and will continue to develop over 24 hours.

  • Light Glow: Suitable for fair skin tones
  • Mid Magic: Suitable for all skin tones
  • Dark Depth: Suitable for dark or olive skin tones
  • Asian Blend: Specifically formulated and proven on Asian skin tones.

Self-Tan:  Instant Tanning Mousse

A light and velvety mousse for a stunning natural tan that leaves the skin soft, silky and glowing.  Its whipped texture glides effortlessly onto your skin, make it really easy to apply with no streaks and no mess.   The instant bronzers give an immediate glow and will continue to developer over time.  The non-sticky, non-oily, quick drying formal is suitable for all skin types.

  • 200ml Pump Bottle
  • 50ml Travel/Sample Pump Bottle


Our philosophy is a simple one.  We will not stop experimenting and innovating.  We strive to give our clients the perfect safe and healthy glow.  We are continuing to expand our collection and formulate new products and solutions.  Watch this space!

A massive thank you to our special clients who allowed us to experiment with you to create GLOWTANIX.



Watch us on BBC WORLD NEWS – Beyond the Pale in Asia

Thank you to the BBC for the feature on Tan@Home and spray tanning as the hottest new trend in Asia. We are super thrilled! The video replay can be viewed on the BBC website here.

We are tackling the billion dollar whitening and lightning industry in Asia by challenging the traditional mindset that being white signifies class and wealth. For generations in Asia tanned skin has been frowned upon as it was associated with working outdoors in the fields. Pale skin has long been seen as a sign of beauty. Women spend billions of dollars every year on products to whiten their complexions. But attitudes are changing as the younger Asians seek prestige and glamour in tanned skin and the benefits of a spray tan to give a healthy glow.

Sarah Toms reporting states “But times are changing as Asians look for ways to have the sun-kissed look without harmful ultraviolet rays. This trend means big business for companies like this Singapore mobile business who sprays customers from head to toe in their desired shade. Starting with one client she now has 120 regulars and contracts at clubs and gyms across Singapore.”

Marg Treanor, founder of Tan@Home in Singapore explains how it all began. “It was my desperate need for a spray tan – that’s how it started – and also I’d seen a gap in the market. Everybody laughed. Friends laughed at me and it said it won’t work as nobody is going to be interested in it because we have the sun here and everyone wants whitening. All the moisturizers have whitening in them, all the deodorants have whitening, so the reaction was “I’m not sure that’s going to work”. But that’s actually changed now. Our biggest growth market would definitely be the Asian market which has increased by about 80% in the last two years. I put the change to social media and the popularity of well-tanned western celebrities”.

Shanthi Panjiawarnan, a regular client at Tan@Home explains why spray tanning is becoming popular in Singapore. “Because I think it gives a nice healthy glow and also because I think that spray tanning actually enhances your complexion”.

And it’s not just women who get spray tanned. Edwin Aw, who represented Singapore at Mister International 2015 in Manilla and is a fitness trainer and physique model, explains why this trend is popular amongst men. “In the sports and fitness industry, I think we are more leaning towards a very tanned body as it looks very sporty.”

The report ends stating that “whether people want to look like they’ve just had a beach holiday or copying a bronzed Hollywood star, getting a tan in Asia, at least the spray on kind, is no longer beyond the pale.”

A massive thank you to our special clients Edwin, Shanthi and Wendy for filming with us!

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It’s a wrap! Filming for BBC World News

Huge news. Today we finished filming with the British Broadcasting Company for an exclusive feature to be aired globally on BBC World News on the hottest new beauty trend to hit Asia.

When we first started Tan@Home over six years ago, the majority of our clients were typically expatriates living in Singapore or tourists who were attuned to the popularity of sunless tanning across America, UK and Australia etc. Over the past few years, we have seen a phenomenal growth in the number of Asian clients whose attitudes are changing from the desire to be fair towards being able to mix and match their skin tone and shade with a non-permanent spray tan for that sun-kissed glow.

Traditionally, aversion to the sun has been so intense in Asia that the skin whitening and lightening industry is estimated to be valued at 20 billion by the end of 2018 according to industry analysts. For generations in Asia, tanned skin has been frowned upon as it was associated with working outdoors in the fields. Unscrupulous cosmetic companies in Asia continue to use distasteful and racist marketing slogans of “You need to be white to win” in order to boost sales of whitening products and portray fair skin as a sign of class and wealth.

However, attitudes are changing as the younger generation seek prestige and glamour in tanned skin spurned on by the digital age of social media and the popularity of well tanned celebrities and westerners. Not only to look like they just stepped off the beaches of Koh Samui, but also to even out their complexion with a light dusting of a spray tan to give a natural, healthy glow that makes them look thinner and feel more attractive.

With this trend starting to skyrocket and my belief that beauty is not measured by color, it led me on my quest to develop Asia’s first ever professional tanning solution specifically formulated for the diversity of Asian skin tones and it’s climate. By demand from our clients and after years of research and trial and error, we proudly launched ASIAN BLEND by GLOWTANIX – Made in Australia and Enhanced for Asia. Today the majority of our clients are Asians who are challenging stereotypes and love this product to achieve that perfect glamour and glow to suit any mood, event or season whenever they want.

And that’s why the BBC came calling. Now in Asia – TANNED SKIN IS IN.

A massive thank you to our special clients Edwin, Wendy and Shanthi who agreed to be filmed. And to the BBC for getting spray tanning in Asia out there… not just locally but globally! It was a super fab day and we can’t wait to see it when it airs.

You can check out our ASIAN BLEND shades in our TAN MENU

UPDATE: Our feature has now aired and you can view it here: Watch us on BBC – Beyond the Pale in Asia