How do I book a Spray Tan for a NABBA / WFF Competition?

You can book online here.  We have a variety of tanning packages exclusively for NABBA.  Or you can book by individual services.  Our onsite team cover Spray Tanning, Hair, Make-up, Tattoo cover-up and Glazing.

Where is the location to get my spray tan for a NABBA / WFF Competition?

Tan@Home is the official onsite Tanning Team.  We have dedicated Backstage Tanning and Beauty rooms at the competition venue.  Just look for our signs!

How should I prepare for my spray tan?

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow these pre-tan Instructions!  You should start your tanning preparation 7 days before your comp.

  • 7 days before:   Start EXFOLIATING everyday.  Use a loofah or an exfoliating mitt in the shower or bath with a body scrub lotion.  Gently scrub your entire body to remove dead or flaky skin cells.  This provides a fresh top layer of skin, giving you a more even tan.  Pay special attention to dry areas such as knees, ankles, feet, hands and elbows.  We recommended Jan Tana Skin Prep available for purchase in our SHOP.
  • 7 days before:  MOISTURIZE your full body at least once a day – twice is better.  Pay special attention to dry areas like knees, ankles, feet, hands and elbows.  This will avoid the tan “sticking” to these areas and giving them a darker or orange look.  Your skin will be naturally dehydrated and dry due to your diet, so it important that moisturize as much as possible.
  • 3 days before:  WAX your entire body.  Your pores need time to close prior to your tanning session.  Stop using any deodorant under your arms.  Yes.. we know that it is difficult in humidity!  Deodorant will turn your tan green.
  • 2 days before:  Shave your entire body if you have not waxed.  You should shave 24 hours before any tanning.  Exfoliate thoroughly in the evening and moisturize as much as possible throughout the day.

TANNING DAY Instructions.  Day before base tan & Comp Day stage tan:

  • Shower and Shave at least 2 hours before your tanning session.
  • DO NOT use any moisturizer, body lotions, perfumes or deodorant and do not wear any makeup.  These will act as a barrier for your tan.
  • Wear VERY lose dark clothing to your session.  Avoid elastic waste bands and tight T-shirts.  Wear flip-flops and not socks and trainers.
  • We provide disposable underwear for your tanning session.  For men, you can wear your own briefs, but please make sure they are smaller than those you will be wearing on stage.  The solution will not stain your clothes and washes out.
  • Stay COOL & DRY after your tanning sessions.
What is a base tan and why do I need one?

A base tan is essential part of the tanning process for competitions.  Its the same as painting a house.  You always use a matte base or primer coat to even out imperfections and give a solid base for the top coat.  A base tan is typically done the day before the competition to allow it to set in preparation for your stage tan the day of your competition.

What is a top coat or stage tan?

This is essential for all competitors regardless of the category you are competing in.  The stage you will be appearing on use bright lights that reflected off the body.  The result is that your your physique and muscle definition is washed out.  We use Jan Tana Ultra 1 that is used by Pro’s worldwide.  It contains deep dark bronzers to enhance your definition, hide any perfections and enhance your muscle tone.  You will look really dark off the stage but onstage you will be half the color!

My skin is tone already very dark - do I need a spray tan?

Yes.  A spray tan will even out and brighten your skin tone and cover any imperfections.  It also deflects the stage lights to enhance muscle definition.  Just look at all the worldwide Pro’s and they all have a spray tan.

My skin tone is very fair. How many coats do I need?

We do not charge by the number of coats you need.  Regardless of the category you are competing in, we do two applications.  The base tan the day before and the stage tan on the competition day.  If you have fair skin, we apply the number of coats needed to give you enough color for the category you are competing in.  We know exactly what the judges are looking for.

My skin is very fair, do I need to start tanning several days before?

Absolutely not!  Most tanning services give you one coat per session and charge by the number of coats you have.  The more sessions equals more money!  We do base tans the day before and stage tans on the day of the competition.  We give you as many coats as you need for the category you are competing in.  More importantly, spray tanning more than day before, means your base coat will already start fading and may result in an even tone.

Why not just sunbathe or use a tanning bed?

Noooo.!  Have you read the news lately?  Sunbeds cause cancer and are now banned in many countries worldwide.  Also just google bodybuilder and cancer, and you will see there is a high rate of athletes who warn against this.  But also important is that sunbathing and tanning beds, dry out your skin making you look dull and flat on stage.  If you plan on doing a stage tan and skin is dry and damaged, your tan may look flaky and uneven.  A spray tan takes about 15 minutes per session.  Those hours laying on a tanning bed or under the sun for hours, could be better spent in the gym!

How does a Competition Tan differ to a regular spray tan?

A regular spray tan is designed to last up to 10 days in normal lighting.  A Competition tan is a unique formula especially designed to enhance your definition under harsh stage lights.  It also should not run or drip on stage or become streaky when used with body oils or glazes.  It also should have less active ingredients that causes tanning so that most of it will wash off after your competition.

Why is it better to use the NABBA onsite tanning services?

Its simple!  No stress, no mess and no fuss!  Being onsite you don’t need to travel around town in your final days of prep and having your tan streak in the humidity.  We are at Registration on Saturday so you only have to go to one place.  On Comp day we are also backstage for any touch-ups and glazing.  We are with you every step of the way.

We are also Singapore’s leading tanning experts who pioneered spray tan in Singapore.  We are not a general beauty salon – we specialize in tanning!  Our team is internationally trained and that is why we were asked to be the tanning team for the prestigious Arnold Classic and Musclemania among others.  We know the business and we know what the judges are looking for!

You can read more about our team here.  Or check out our rave reviews on instagram or facebook and check out our work!

What spray tan solution do you use?

We use Jan Tana Competition Color that is used by Pro’s worldwide.  It is the official color of the IFBB and the Arnold Classic for more than 27 years.  The range of colors have been improved and enhanced over the years to gives you a rich color to enhance your physique.  We choose Jan Tana above other products, as it is more suited to a diversity of skin tones and more importantly it works better than other products in the harsh and humid climate of Asia. 

Tan@Home is part of the Jan Tana International Tanning Team.  We have been fully trained by Jan Tana and were the onsite tanning team at the 2106 Arnold Classic in Hong Kong.  So we know the secrets of how to blend colors for every skin tone.

Although we primarily use Jan Tana, we do carry a variety of professional tanning products and will always choose the right tanning solution that is best suited to your skin tone.

How long does a spray tan take?

The actually tanning process itself takes about 15 minutes.  You will then dry in front of powerful fans for approx 5 minutes.  On competition day please arrive early to ensure you don’t miss your appointment time.

Should I spray tan my face?

For guys yes!    A part of the judging criteria is your overall stage appearance.  We have all seen the photos of the guys with bronzed body cut off at the neck and a pale face.  It does not look natural and you don’t want the judges distracted by your uneven tone.  The face tends to tan more, so we do a very light coat.

For ladies.  We do a very light dusting to give a base for your makeup.  It is advisable to have your tanning done before your makeup.  You can then ensure that your face makeup blends well with your spray tan.

Why do my underarms look GREEN on stage?

This is due to using deodorant that interacts with the spray tanning solution.  Deodorants and sweating impact the pH balance of our skin.  This is usually noticeable on stage.. which is the most important time.  You should stop using deodorants at 3 days before your competition.  It is recommended that use Jan Tana GREEN AWAY that is formulated to immediately correct your pH balance and guarantee no Green.  It is available for purpose in our online SHOP.

Why do some Comp Tans look orange?

There can be several reasons.

  • Cheaper lower quality tanning solutions are often too orange.  They are not designed for competitions are usually an everyday spray tanning solution but with a high concentration of the active ingredient of DHA.  We only use Jan Tana Competition Color as it designed only for Competitions and Stage.
  • Skin Preparation is the THE MOST important thing as part of your prep.  EXFOLIATE & MOISTURIZE at least for the 7 days before your competition.  Check out our Tanning Instructions guide.
  • Your body pH balance is off.  This is a complicated area of science and medicine!  Generally a humans skin has a pH balance of 5.5.  Due to your exercise regime, sweating and your diet, it is very common for athletes pH to over or under.  This directly impacts the color of your tan.  The Jan Tana Skin Prep is both a body exfoliate and pH balancer used in the shower once per day.  Green Away is a body spray to be used prior to your tanning session that not only prevents Green under arms but used a full body spray to instantly balance your pH levels for a perfect tan.  These can be purchases in our online SHOP.
  • Usually there is a lot of stage lights and backdrops that are Red or Orange.  This casts colored lighting around the venue that makes your tan “look” Orange.  Step off stage and it looks fine.!
Can I do my own self-tan at home?

Yes.  Self-tanning is a lower cost option.  We sell Jan Tana Day Before Hi-Def and Ultra 1 Comp Day colors.   These are not tanning oils and are similar to the solution used for our spray tans.  Self-tanning takes a lot of time and the result may not be as even as a spray tan.  It also may require many more coats. You will also a friend to help with your back or hard to reach areas.    Each bottle should last you two competitions.  You can purchase these online in our SHOP.

How long can I expect the tan to stay on after the show?

Expect the base tan to last about 5 days.  Your top coat stage tan should mostly wash off with your first couple of showers leaving you with a natural tan.  The best way to remove it quicker, is to soak in a long hot bath with lots of Baby Oil and exfoliate with a loofah or exfoliating mitt.  The baby oil has a stripping effect and will wipe off on your towel.  Otherwise, before getting out of the shower, cover yourself in baby oil and leave it on for 5 minutes and rub off with a towel.

What Glaze or Oil do I use on stage to look shiny?

Rule No. 1.  DO NOT use general products, like baby oil, cooking sprays,  or sun tan oils.  These soak into the skin causing your tan your drip.  They also have a streaking effect on your tan.  We use Jan Tana Hi-Def Glaze that does not soak into the skin and is formulated to reflect light.  It is non-oily to highlight your definition and will cause your tan to drip or streak.  It is available for purchase in our online SHOP.  Body builders should apply glaze generously.  For Bikini, Fitness, Figure or Models apply glaze sparingly.

Our onsite tanning packages include Glazing by our tanning team backstage.  So you don’t need to purchase any products.  We’ve got you covered.

Will a spray tan cover my distracting tattoo's?

No it will not.  We use Jan Tana Tattoo cover-up that is used by Pro’s worldwide.  It is a specially formulated foundation makeup that will completely cover any size tattoo. Our expert tanning team can apply it for you and ensure that it is perfectly matches your spray tan.   It is available for purchase in our online SHOP.

IMPORTANT.  Do not use foundation makeup on tattoo’s before a spray tan.  It will act as a barrier to your spray tan and your body tone will be uneven.

What is Backstage Care that is included in your tanning package?

This is a unique service that is only available onsite.  We don’t just tan and leave!  Our Tanning Team is backstage prior to the start of the Competition to do any necessary touch-ups or corrections… especially if you drip sweat or spill a drink on you!  It is our job to make sure you look perfect before you step on stage.

How do I prepare for the Hair & Makeup service?


  • Make sure you really moisturize your skin for the week prior to your competition.  Your skin will tend to be dry from your diet so it is extremely important to stay moisturized.
  • If you plan to wax your face or brows please do this about 4 days ahead of time.
  • If you have a special look that you are going for, please bring along some pictures or photos to your appointment so our expert makeup can achieve your desired outcome.


  • Please make sure your hair is washed and dried before your appointment.
  • Please do not use any hair products.

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