GLOWTANIX Finishing Powder

FINISHING POWDER with Moroccan & French Minerals


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Product Description

GLOWTANIX luxurious and silky FINISHING POWDER is 100% natural and Talc free that will also help neutralize the strong scent of spray tanning formulas.  Smell as good as you look and feel with a subtle scent of coconut and cacao when you apply this tinted powder immediately following spray tan application.

Whilst our base ingredients and odor neutralizing powder formula is proprietary, we can say that it is hand-mulled together with the finest rich and natural minerals sourced from deep beneath the mountains of Morocco and French Sea Clay.  These untreated and naturally sourced minerals are then infused with organic essential oils.  This luxurious blend has a silk-like feel that will nourish and even skin tones whilst preventing sweating and streaking.  It is proven not to negatively interact with the active ingredient of DHA in sunless formulas.

For best results, apply a light dusting to any area of the skin that may feel sticky after a spray tan application (especially behind the knees, inside elbows, under arms and feet).

To learn more about this product, read our Launch Blog with the full story on why this product is a spray tan necessity.

8g Powder Jar (Brush not included)


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