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We’ve solved the spray tan sweat streak problem.. and the smell!

March 26, 2016  

Here in Singapore, with our relentless humidity and heat, sweat is inevitable! After a fresh spray tan application, that sweat can cause some huge problems.  Just ask Christina Aguilera who made headlines for her ghastly on stage streaky legs!  Red-faced, she revealed it was due to her sweat induced fake tan.

To combat this, one of the most common questions I get asked is “can I leave on my deodorant or antiperspirants on during my tan”. Absolutely not unless you want Shrek Green armpits! The aluminum in some deodorants can react with the DHA turning it green and it can take days to wash off. That is why spray tanning professionals have been using Talcum Powder for many years to dust down there clients after their tanning session to absorb sweat and aid the drying process.

But have you heard the news? Johnson & Johnson have been ordered to pay $72 million in damages for cancer linked to Talcum Powder.

At Tan@Home, our philosophy is a simple one. We will not stop experimenting and innovating to strive to give our clients the perfect safe healthy glow. When we heard the buzz many years ago that Talcum Powder may cause cancer, we set about experimenting with our own formula to solve this problem. Why just stop at avoiding cancer and reducing sweat? There is a third problem that desperately needed to be solved ... the dreaded after tan smell of DHA that can leak from your pores that is a dead give-away that you are faking it!

We have finally solved these problem and are pleased to launch the all new luxurious and silky GLOWTANIX FINISHING POWDER.

Smell as good as you look and feel, with a subtle scent of coconut and cacao when this tinted powder is applied immediately following a spray tan application. Whilst our base ingredients and odor neutralizing powder formula is proprietary, we can say that it is hand-mulled together with the finest rich and natural minerals sourced from deep beneath the mountains of Morocco together with French Sea Clay. These untreated and naturally sourced minerals are then infused with organic essential oils. This is no ordinary body powder! These ingredients are usually reserved for cosmetologists and high-end luxury spa’s.

The luxurious blend has a silk-like feel that will nourish and even skin tones whilst preventing sweating and streaking. Most importantly, most body powders will interact negatively with the active ingredient of DHA in spray tanning formulas. After extensive testing on our most trusted clients, our unique blend is proven to not only stop sweat streaking but actually enhance the development of the final result. To gently absorb sweat and odor, after tanning and air-drying, our technician will brush a light dusting of this gorgeous silky powder in those areas that are often sticky and sweating (especially behind the knees, inside elbows, under arms and feet).

Once your tan has been washed off within a few hours and left to develop over the next 24 hours, moisturizing is absolutely key to extend the life of your tan. To reduce any residual odor of the DHA, apply a very light veil of the finishing powder before dressing. The delicious subtle hint of coconut and cacao blended with our odor neutralizing base ingredients with continue to reduce sweating and no-one will know you are faking it!

We GUARANTEE our formula is Talc free with 100% natural and organic ingredients that is lovingly hand-mulled to perfection. Our clients only deserve the best.  GLOWTANIX FINISHING POWDER is available now in our online shop.

As always a massive thank you to our special clients who allow us to experiment with you to create GLOWTANIX.



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